Lakadong Turmeric or 'U Chyrmit Lakadong' is a special spice that hails from the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. The name of this variety comes from its area of origin - the Lakadong valley area in Jaintia hills in the state. It is also known as one of the world's finest turmeric and was exported in large quantities in the year 2021 to countries such as the Netherlands and the UK, according to reports.

The healing properties of turmeric are credited to the presence of a compound called 'Curcumin'. Regular turmeric contains 2-3%   Curcumin whereas lakadong turmeric has 7-12% curcumin concentration that is at least 3 times higher. This means that it is more potent and offers more health benefits than our regular Haldi.

Lakadong farmers practice the traditional methods of farming and do not use any fertilisers or pesticides while cultivating this Lakadong Turmeric. Thus, the turmeric is pure and organic. The black alluvial soil used for its cultivation is so fertile, that it does not require any additional chemicals. Sufficient rainfall and a painstaking harvest process yields this amazing spice that is dried, sorted and packed to be processed further.

Lakadong turmeric finds  usage in your kitchen, in your first aid kit and in your beauty regime too! It’s anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties take it a step ahead of regular turmeric. Bright hues of yellow and strong aroma  distincts it from others. 

This magical spice froms a part of age old traditions and knowledge of indigenous communities. From doodh-Haldi to Ubtan to your delicacies from rasoi, add a pinch of lakadong turmeric to take it to another level!