Ever since the coronavirus lockdowns hit us. More people adopted a keen interest in gardening, be it indoor or outdoor during self-quarantines. Another hobby that people picked up is home decor. And both gardening and home decor somehow complement each other. That’s why planters crafted out of bamboo, jute and kauna can be spotted around every corner of the homes.

But why are people slowly shifting from plastic planters to handcrafted planters?

Well here’s presenting you the reasons behind choosing handcrafted planters over plastic planters: 

  1. These planters are sustainable and eco friendly. Handcrafted planters are mostly made out of natural grasses like Kauna, jute, bamboo and cane. Considering the Planet issues, people are now shifting to responsibility by avoiding plastic as much as they can. After all, a little green plant in your garden deserves an eco-friendly friend to grow. 
  1. People preferred plastic certainly because of its light-weighted characteristics. But now planters made out of bamboo, jute and Kauna are too light-weighted just like plastic and have durability. 
  1. Organic or handcrafted things have more charm than any plastic. Handcrafted planters are ideal for indoors and home decor. As it has a natural texture of its own that adds a charm to people’s living spaces, giving it all an aesthetic look. 
  1. The handcrafted planters have other utilities too other than just planting a plant. These planters can be used as holders for many household items.  People can sense that these planters are multi-talented than plastic planters.